École de langues La Cité is the recognized specialist for 
language training of Federal government employees
• individual or group training
• full or part-time training
• made to measure distance training (telephone, video conference
  or e-mail)

Evaluation services (response within 24 hours) 
• free placement test
• thorough evaluation of language competence
• diagnostic interview before the Test of Oral Proficiency (TOP)
• evaluation of Reading and Writing skills

Second language training 
• screening for learning difficulties and recommended 
• basic programmes for public servants (Levels A-B-C)
• programs for the private sector
• corrective grammar workshops
• custom-designed training for specialized workplace needs
• professional writing (letters, memos and e-mails)

• mission preparation (Public speaking, presentations, etc.) 
• immediate preparation for a Second Language Exam (SLE-TOEFL)
• maintenance and refresher courses in a classroom or workplace 

  In Ottawa, École de langues La Cité offers training in a modern,
  easily accessible building located downtown or on client

  Elsewhere in Canada, our courses mostly take place on client

Our time-tested approach ensures goals are
reached and better  results attained 

• analysis of clients’ and learners’ needs and requirements
• a strict placement process
• personalized language training plans
• learning activities adapted to our clients’ needs
• close follow-up of progress and quality control assurance
• consistent guidance and support of our teaching staff and close
  monitoring of learners’ progress
• regular assessment of our clients’ satisfaction levels

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