Ecoles de Langues About Us


École de langues La Cité is an established and unique second language training school with exclusive expertise in language training, dedicated to meet the needs of its clients and to provide them with the best results. First established in Ottawa in 1981, the school prides itself in an innovative philosophy and offers services of exceptional quality, thanks to a competent teaching and administrative staff. 

École de langues La Cité offers language training in Canada’s two official languages to a variety of clients (federal and provincial government departments and agencies as well as private sector corporations) operating in over 27 cities and towns across Canada where it maintains teams of qualified personnel dedicated to meeting its clients’ objectives.

    The company’s head office is located in Ottawa. It also operates regional offices in Montréal to provide services to Québec and the Atlantic Provinces, and in Toronto, to provide services to Ontario and Western Canada. 

    Our dedicated team of pedagogical advisors ensures: 
    • language training quality control 
    • respect of needs, expectations and objectives of our 
      adult learners 
    • supervision and continual professional training of teaching staff 
    • satisfaction survey of students 
    • regular contact and follow-up with clients

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